Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The "No Cheerers" of the Cheerleaders!

Come IPL, clash of the icons,quest for the best and with that came money, media and entertainment. Well if you ask the real cricket fan he/she will be the least interested in what is going off the field. "Cheerleaders! oh! I saw them dancing around, they are good but lemme just concenterate on the game" this is would be the usual remark. And for that matter a not so avid fan of the game would also love the entertainment that the great game is providing.

Who bothers about the six girls, dancing in fancy skinny colorful clothes, threatning the very own rigid culture of the country (are they)?

Well! some great people do, they are the great leaders elected by people like you and me and who have got all the time in the world to think and talk on something like this. You know why? because the country is doing very good, inflation ? what is this, its all under control, employement not a problem, infrastructure, food, terrorism and any damn sick little thing is under full control, so our great leaders have nothing to do but talk about CHEERLEADERS!

Lemme ask a simple question? Who are they to decide on what people want to see? Let people decide for themselves! And it wouldn't be wrong for me to say that they would be the first ones to take a sneek peak of the skin flashing, laugh, talk, pass lewed comments and then talk of morality on the face! Are they not watching TV, movies or anything that is on air these days, the film shows which they attend as VIPs, what happens there, all the dance, the twist and turns, the moves take place in full saree..... right?

Morality is not a thing to preach but to practice! They should focus on better things than skin! And for God sake, understand Cheerleaders are to Cheer the game and in a 40 game tournament or 120 minutes not going to erode the deep rooted Indian culture!

Stop making cheap political moves!