Sunday, July 29, 2007

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

I can't do this!...The people around me are just so good, I am no where near! Even if I put in my hundred percent I never get the desired results! So why should I try? I just want an easy life ahead with no hiccups watsoever. We come across such statements every now and then. For me its just beyond my little understanding how can someone think like that. What is their problem...why do they only grudge and frown.

In my understanding such people don't have any goals in their life. When I say goal..I do not mean something BIG!...I mean anything that gives you a thrust to move ahead. It is also a problem of Attitude at the same time. Let me be more specific here..and establish a connotation! Let me talk of Business graduates or undergraduates who wish to shoulder the responsibilities of the Corporate world! Corporate world is like an and so deadly! It is full of challenges...constraints...surprises...crooked minds...of course lots of money! Their biggest problem is their attitude or temperament. They fear failures...they are so risk confused.

I'm no big great mind, yet I talk of a great virtue "Attitude". Yes because I have felt...I have learnt.I admire people who have achieved something in their fields . I observe right deeds and try to emulate their qualities and I feel the difference now. I have developed an attitude. For instance now I look at problems in a different way...I now just focus on solution. I say this sometime to my friends.." if you can solve a problem then there is no need to worry..and if you cannnot solve a problem then their is no point in worrying". A positive frame of mind is what required. We haven't yet met the pressure of deadlines, consequences of failures...and I feel we better prepare ourselves. Its not a question of degree or job..its a question of happiness! Until and unless we have the right attitude we cannot be happy! and this is the single most differentiating factor between the Good and the Best!

At last we must reckon that life is never fair to anyone...either you get more or never get what you deserve! So lets stop grudging and start learnig. No knowledge is waste!

Lets develop an attitude to learn!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm not a slave!

I'm not a slave m
-not of the flesh....

Who not taste bitterness of mortality
linger in darkness and doubt
Search bliss in rotten sand
cry mournfully for paternal land

Call me all; not a slave m
-not of the flesh.

Immortal lust away from sadness
away from grief; unloving despair
Unrecoiled desire in broken piece
Tear the pain of unwound wounds
Hung the path with tilted thorns
There will walk a fearless flesh

Call me all; not a slave m
-not of the flesh.

Tint of red on floor untread
Shake Heavens to raise head
Praise the soil...embrace grace
Strengths of rainbow will never fade
Gather again mortal fragrance
Build a stature worthy of remembrance

I'm all; not a slave m
-not of the flesh.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Dilemma of a fresh MBA

Perspectives change with time! and the story is no different at IBS, Bangalore. Most of us (if not all) wished to reach high in carrer by boarding the MBA bandwagon. Some were crystal clear in their career choices while others wandered.

Now as we all get closer to the D-days!, apprehensions are growing as never before. Questions like What industry to choose? Which company, what profile? Should I bother about the 6 figure package or focus on job profile?? The list goes on and on....but I should reckon here that some of the fellas are just too brillinat. Also there's no gainsaying the fact that many can make it big in their respective fileds.

I wish we could peep inside the HR manager's mind around to know what is that they want from young lads like us. But honestly even that would'nt help the purpose....for the onus task of shaping ones career lies with us. If we aren't sure what excites us...what challenges we would like to take and above all what are we good at, I don't think we can do justice to whatever career we choose. I know the task is'nt that simple but the we already knew that it never was!

I have always believed " Salvation lies within!" and one who seeks it,finds it! A few hours of self evaluation or what we popularly know as Introspection, would definitely help us know ourselves better. It would also tune our thought process. Talks with seniors and mentors is an inevitable solution to the common problem. How can we forget the "Lord of the Web", Google!. A few hours of clicks on some colorful pages could clear most of the doubts. It takes more of self preparation than anything else.

All of us know that it is never too late to begin but in this quick paced age sometimes it does get late! Let us do our homework for there is no better investment than investing in one-self!!

Happy investing!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Silent Love....

Promises of faith all make
Seldom put timid life on stake
Endless cries, gasping mourns
Dies soon as never grown...

Baby morning brings love so old
Voyage above inside cold!
Come feel the heart through my eyes
Tread once in quivering flesh
Broken walls trembling floor...

Hear your name in healing silence
Lives to come do not know
Depths of love never measured
Treasures rich, glittering not own...

-Stand alone only a pure soul
Cannot die or bring shining stars of gloomy night...but...
Love you endlessely...LOVE!

Come if not but once on my grave
See the fading arms...
Dying whispers...and galling dreams...

-Epochs to come will witness the truth
Below the epitaph lie Quite!

Tomorrow will be Mine!

Tomorrow will be Mine!
I shaped it today...
Gravely desire born ago
Sure to get the Lonely Devine

A saga of old love
or centuries desire
Whatever be it will be Mine.

Blow thee wind, move thee sand
Tropical waves huge,broad and wide
Tire in sun be fierce and wild
Steps of humility not on sand...

A great beginning
or a humble end
Whatever be it will be Mine!