Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look past that night....

Look past that night when you and I strolled the unlit miles
Hopping across the pot holes kicking the empty cans
Laughing madly; swinging carelessly challenging the darkness
You were so bright that the moon envied you
I remember, you making faces teasing the moon

The wind was cold and you timidly cuddled in my arms
Your hair ruffled with the air, furred my face
So lost we were in each other didn’t care the distance long

The idea of playing games; hitting the lamp-post with a running stone
Your losing and getting annoyed at the stone
My laughter and your run behind me

It was fun and we cared for none, filled the emptiness with vociferous sounds
The way I goofed with the hit song;you like a veteran tried correcting the wrong
I remember your struggle to find the exact rhyme, suggesting words like a sane
Your giving up and both singing in chorus; the same goofed song
Still smile on, the way I bolted on the road miscuing a kick
Your cracking into a blast, laugh madly
We added a color of our own to the world, I see it all
The placid moments are so fresh, I feel it all

Look past that night when you and I strolled those unlit miles....