Saturday, September 5, 2009

It’s a whole new world

It’s a whole new world when I’m with you
Unbelievable, uncanny, unpretentiously vivid
It’s your charm that sets the world apart
Drive me crazy; pull me candidly close to you

I feel time stopping by
Smiling, asking to cherish every moment
Faces around vanish, a sudden lull prevails
Nothing moves but you, even the air dance to your tune
I just see your lips moving; hear my heart thumping
Everything gets ravishing
The way you move your head, tuck that fluttering hair
Eyes so bright, smile so vibrant, everything about you feels so new
I stare foolishly, amazed at your sheer beauty

You mesmerize me; your fragrance enchant me
I love to hear; you have so much to say
I love to gaze; you look astonishing
Happiness is when I’m with you
Perfection is when you are with me
Everything about me is about you
It’s a whole new world when I’m with you
No one makes me feel the way, you do
I feel the only thing I can do, is love you
For it’s a whole new world when I’m with you!