Friday, April 22, 2011

Walk in the rain

Overwhelmed with emotions the dark clouds burst
Pondering showers heavy to bring down the trees
Scintillating thoughts pass like a lightening in the dark
I drool, halt and smear & feel the breeze; then walk in the rain

Powerful are the games, the mind plays
Tricking actions; fouling words
Recollects reactions, brings regrets…
Of wishful desires which lay on the edge of swords
I pause, smile and look toward heaven; then walk in the rain

Thuds grew heavy inside, gasps swell as never will die
Glimpses of memories splash and flash
With desires I longed which faded as the light…
In a day won and cheered by the clouds, I wished my heart wasn’t so dry
I walk in the rain so no one can see me cry.