Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It is not often you wait for time;
A time to stop by, stand still and never fume
She was all set to bid me adieu
Wave that kiss deep inside I don’t want
Amidst the entire rattle we two stood still
Holding arms, just gazing each other
I wanted her to say something, she would say none
I wanted to speak a hundred words, throat would just choke
I wished for the time to stop and never pass by
Did not talk for minutes, stood still but frenzied inside
I tried to utter; my lips wouldn’t move
With trembling cheeks, I tried to smile
And small droplets dripped from my eyes
There was this pain of separation which we struggled to fight
Eventually it came and came very hard
With an unruffled smile she took a heavy step
Waved that kiss and let loose the tears which kept floating in the eyes
And I stood gazing that wave; trying to catch a glimpse
Wishing for the time to just stop by