Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sometimes the best thing is to fall…

In awful awkwardness tried to escape those lingering eyes
With a hope to be found, watched silently her acts in sly
Desperately entered a gossip almost passed
Hoping to make a mark and crack laughter
“Act cool,” I reprimanded myself
Like the symbol of the sun, nerd of the herd
Alas! Confounded by the presence of a soul
Lost timidly like a rabbit in a brawl

I only provoked the treason with a whimsical reason
Chased a figure an epitome of happiness
Waited a smile to shrug the dreariness
Wished to gain even it meant losing all
Existed once, a heart embellished like a whipped caramel Choco dip
That with every beat sung songs of joy
Dreaded never to dwarf the mighty; failed never to wish love
Is now left with no recoup, and all it says is ever again

Something filled the void, unveiled oceans of love
Called for valiance but brought serene
Sumptuously carved an image within
Anguish recoiled and the heart rejoiced
I wanted to stand tall but realized sometimes the best thing is to fall…


The Inner Side of "ME" said...

Awesome...the killer saxena is back

Prashant said...

Great one bro. I would always look fwd for more of such work from you...!! really great!! Keep going... :)